Ultimate FOAM Resource List


The Best of The Best

Life in the Fast Lane: MASSIVE FOAMed SOURCE. GREAT EKG LIBRARY. GREAT PERIOD. Always Updated and producing fresh material. MUST CHECK OUTURL: https://lifeinthefastlane.com/

emDOCs: One Stop FOAMed Shop. Great in depth reviews for the highest yield topics in EM. For non-Medicine related topics, you must check out the EM MINDSET section that provides a wealth of information on mastering the stresses of the ED, maximizing wellness, and learning how to deal with mistakes. 
EM:Rap: The premier EM podcast, with high yield stuff that covers the entire spectrum of our practice. PDF summaries are huge plus. A must for any EM resident.
 Academic Life in EM: Michelle Lin’s fantastic, peer reviewed site on tips and tricks, latest literature, best of FOAMed, Resident advice, Wellness, and pretty much just about every important topic in EM today. 
EM:Crit: Scott Weingart’s critical care podcast. Entertaining, Educational, And Enlightening. Enough Said
 Amal Mattu's ECG Weekly Series:  TONS of Amal Mattu ECG goodness and pearls; We have access to this now. Will help you pick up subtle EKG findings and save some lives. 
Core EM: Both a blog and podcast out of the guys from NY Bellvu. Great for the intern/med student interested in EM with lots of core topic review. Blog and podcast, can find in iTunes. 
Rebel EM: Both a blog and podcast, super great stuff out of Texas. Great, easy to read summaries and quick high yield podcasts too. His site is well worth the subscription as he puts out some great stuff that will hit your inbox and also his podcast through iTunes. 
 St. Emlyn’s: A virtual hospital blog with leading and cutting edge research and resources from our over the pond colleagues. They have journal clubs, tips for exams and really high quality reviews of key literature.  
Boring EM: A knowledge translation (KT) project combining cutting edge Evidence Based Medicine with high yield topics, from our friends to the north.
EM Basic: A bootcamp primer to topic based review of core content in EM via blog and podcast with show notes.
5minSono: 5 minute ultrasound videos that are truly FANTASTIC and practice changing and make you want to pick up a probe. 
Ultrasound of the Week: A great weekly post of a scan and a clinical pearl, done in case based format. 
**FoamCast: A KT project that combines basics from Tintanalli and Rosen’s, with free access to Rosh Review Questions and combines both a blog AND podcast that is free in iTunes. One of the best resources. Two EM residents put this on and have won awards for it. 
**Emergency Medicine Cases: Case based topics and review of basic EM topics with literature supporting, as well as direct link with the app AgileMD for the summaries but also for PDF download. Great summaries and topics for interns-second years and review for third/fourth years. 
Also puts out a series of PDF books on topics, with the first being orthopedic injuries which is fantastic. 
**Skeptic’s Guide to EM: One of the best podcasts for  Knowledge Translation (KT) project, with the goal to cut down the KT window from 10 years to 1 year; doing some GREAT work and making EBM not so hard to understand. He's super dry and repeats the same jokes over and over but still worth the listen. Goes over a lot of why we do what we do. 
Ken Milne also posted two PDF books summarizing not only EBM content that are free to the user, but also had PDF's and summaries of each episode, and each is associated with a contest to win prizes. 
Annals of EM Podcast: Summarizes the monthly Annals of EM, for those of us that have a hard time sitting and reading the whole article.
URL: search for in iTunes/podcasts
ERCast: Rob Orman’s own podcast that reviews high yield topics with experts in the field.
PEM ED: Andy Sloas’s podcast for those PEM destined or interested folks.
PEM Currents: Straight from Cinci PEM group, supplying quick hits on peds topics 10-15 min for great review on high yield topics
Pediatric EM Playbook: PEM doc who does 20 min reviews combining literature and practice patterns for taking care of children. 
RAGE Podcast: The resuscitationist awesome guide to everything podcast, from a group of people way smarter than me from across the world who delve into high yield, critical care topics. 
Matt and Mike's US Podcast: Awesome podcast from two giants int he field with amazing photos and scans that'll help make you a better ultrasonographer! Also has two PDF books free to download for basics of US and scanning. 
More Websites: 
American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria - It's all in the name. Shows you what the study of choice is for pretty much anything you could be looking for radiographically.

Sinai EM Ultrasound: This is the website for the Mount Sinai Emergency Ultrasound Division. It serves as an information resource for residents, fellows, medical students and others seeking information about point-of-care ultrasound.

URL: https://sinaiem.us/

Emergency Ultrasound Teaching: Amazing site with a ton of videos instructing how to perform almost any type of ultrasound

URL: https://emergencyultrasoundteaching.com/

Sonoguide: Not sure how often this is updated, but again a lot of different tips and different US techniques shown on here

URL: https://www.sonoguide.com/instructions.html

ECG learning center: great start for the basics in ECG reading

URL: https://ecg.utah.edu/

The NNT: quick summaries of evidence based medicine which help you weigh the risks and benefits of treatment, like antibiotics for hand lacerations (Hint: there's no benefit)

URL: https://www.thennt.com/